Used by certain dark skinned people of African descent as well as obscenely annoying light skinned people descended from northern New Jersey. Replaces punctuation in a sentence.
A comma is used to separate parts of a sentence nigga holla but a period comes at the end of one bitch HOLLAAA
by bob_the_russian November 04, 2003
to get back to some one, to say hello
I'll see you later, holla at me.
(when you see some one you know) holla, at ya dog.
by night owl May 18, 2006
means to call for a person
"holla at me later on!"
by jane November 14, 2003
a word used by people who don't knoow how to spell the word "holler" correctly.
"I use the word "holla" because I'm protesting against people who actually know how to spell."
by D-Shiznit June 03, 2005
to say hi to in a cool way
Holla at your girl!
by Jessica May 30, 2003
A perplexing word of unknown purpose originally used by San Franciscans. "Holla" soon spread to all of California and is now creeping into the speech of other western states like a cancer. Possibly derived from "holler", "hello", or perhaps the spanish greeting "hola."
Example: Holla back (baq, bac?)
by Korhyan June 11, 2009
Making a shout out to a friend publically.
Hey, did you see my name on TV? Yeah Katie holla'd out.
by BaByBuKuKu April 06, 2009
To greet, to say hello, what's up?
Shout me a holla when you get there.
by xebra881 January 26, 2004
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