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A slut or prostitute who exclusively has sex with people on Christmas.
I love Nancey she is such a holiday whore.
by LMxDurgex December 26, 2008
An Urban Dictionary user who, at every opportunity, posts definitions to words that are relevant to the day they are posted, I.E. Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the release of a popular movie.
Not Steve #1: "Wow, another of Steve's definitions was featured!"

Not Steve #2: "He's a total holiday whore."
by Socko_Detheroc December 08, 2008
A Non-Religious person who celebrates holidays that they have no right to. For instance, if you denounced Christianity 15 years ago, yet you still celebrate Christmas and Easter, you are a Holiday Whore. Most Atheists are Holiday Whores.
"Dude, what are you doing shopping for Christmas? I thought you were Athiest?"
"Yea, but I still celebrate it."
"Dunno, its fun."
"Dude, you're a total Holiday Whore!"
by OggieOggieOggie,OinkOinkOink April 21, 2010
1)The act of using someone to accompany you to family gatherings.

2)Using someone to get great gifts during the holidays.

3)Person who does the act previously mentioned. Male or female.
Mark - "So, what's new?"
Shelly - "Oh, nothing, just trying to figure out who I'm going to holiday-whore with this Christmas."

Mike - "What'd you get from your holiday-whore?"
John - "A new cellphone and this jacket."
by Chelsea Marie May 14, 2007
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