A spouse, girlfriend, or significant other of a man. (only good for their vagina, or hole.)
My hole got me the best christmas gift!

I'd like to hang out tom, but im holing today.
by nbuzz90 January 08, 2010
Not ho' but hole.A woman who is so easy that it is just like walking up to a hole and sticking your pecker in it.

Also a nick name given to a certain woman because she is that easy.

A guy who survives in prison by giving everyone ass sex.
Kathy is such a hole.

I get a date with the hole tonight.

John had to become a hole in prison.
by Deep blue 2012 May 26, 2010
slang for someones girlfriend

hey man wanna hang out?
nah, im going out with my holes tonight.
oh. you should buy her a ham for christmas.
by bucketlesshead November 17, 2007
noun - A whitewater feature of a river in which part of the current drops into a relatively deeper space in the river bed, moves back up toward the surface, and then recirculates upstream. Some holes are large enough that objects in them can be recirculated many times, making them very dangerous. River runners refer to these as "keepers." Smaller holes can be surfed in a kayak or even a raft, and are sometimes described as being "sticky."
"Dude, did you see the size of that hole? That thing was huge."

"Skull Hole is a keeper at this level, you should skirt it, especially if there's a dead cow in there."

"The second hole is pretty sticky, it might be good for surfing."
by Oskar1 April 16, 2009
A metaphorical sense of pop-cultural and social isolation.To live in a hole implies a lack of knowledge of common slang, pop-culture icons and success with the opposite sex.
I'm sorry, I am not familiar with that word. I love in a hole.
Yes, I'm a virgin. Give me a break, I live in a hole
by The Man in the Hole November 21, 2008
shove in shove in
shove you face up my hole
by AAron Wilkinson October 26, 2003
A Women that enjoys sex that is not a Whore Slut or Hoe
Shes not a slut she's just a hole
by HeavyDuty1 January 17, 2009

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