A woman.

What defines the female sex. What they are good for and what they are used for.

A piece of property that gets used for pleasure or to relieve oneself sexually.

It is usually owed by one person or could be shared by multiple people. A hole with a ring on the left ring finger is typically someone's property.
Guy 1: "What are you getting into later"
Guy 2: "I am just going to use my hole"
by Ant2562001 September 21, 2012
Top Definition
derogatory term for a person; short for arsehole or asshole; also used as a term of friendship
1. Jeeze, you're an annoying hole.
2. Hey hole! Do you want another beer?
by yorrick hunt January 08, 2008
(vaginal reference)n,A way of describing a female that is particularly of little significance, or one of which that used to be of significance, but is now disliked because of some sort of falling out.

"I really used to like her, but now I think she's just a stupid hole."

"Dude I was hammered and shit myself last night, I am so embarassed.
Who cares, the only person that saw was that hole that everyone hates"

"I got some good hole last night. That snapper was a'snappin."
by DocRod February 25, 2009
An kick-ass female-fronted grunge band.

Generally disliked by ignorant 14 year old 'cult of Kurt' members believing "shock horror!" conspiracy theories due to being in denial that their 'God' would possibly rather be dead than writing songs for them to play air guitar to in their bedrooms.
Hole are better than Nirvana.
by Raphaella February 20, 2007
degrading term for woman. synonyms are cunt, whore, or slut.
so degrading that they are just holes to men.
Jackie was being such a hole yesterday

yo fuck u hole
by dpurp2 February 28, 2010
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