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A school that homo deluxes from Tabor think they destrory in sports. When in fact the only thing they destroy is each others anal cavities.
Tabor Student 1: oh dude you packed my fudge so hard last night

Tabor Student 2: Word that new strapon I bought was incredible (because I dont have a dick)
by THUGMONEY April 14, 2005
An elite prep school in Plymouth, NH that has phenomenal students, athletes, and artists. Holderness also kicks Tabor, Tilton, Proctor, and New Hampton's asses all at once.
Tabor student: I wish we were as awesome as Holderness.

Tilton Student: Well we're almost as awesome as Holderness

Proctor Student: No you're not... Holderness is the best.

New Hampton Student: I'm stupid..
by gobulls555 November 21, 2011
A prep school in newengland that since the dawn of time has had there ass handed to them by Tabor academy
Hey! you go to holderness right?... i'm sorry
by creator January 14, 2005
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