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An expression taken from the dice game Pigs, a traditional game played in and around Central Pennsylvania in the US. In the game, the act of holding one's pigs is a sign of shrewdness that can often lead to a long-term victory.

1. Primary sense: to retain a strong or respectable position in a contest, game of chance, or trying situation.

2. Less common: to have patience or self-restraint; used in the imperative.
1st person: hold my pigs
impersonal: hold one's pigs, etc.

1. A. "Did you see how Mark cleaned out the poker game last night?"
B. "Yeah, that guy can really hold his pigs."

2. A. "Hurry up and pass the potatos, I'm starving!"
B. "Jeez, hold your pigs already!"
by MSquared252 February 28, 2011

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