What my high school teacher used to say to anyone who asked to go to the head to empty a very, very full bladder.
His brother was a sergeant in the army and he used to say, "just hold it in until we stop running about 4 hours from now."
So I held it until I burst 6 hours worth of piss into my pants all the way down to my shoes.
by Clean Fil June 18, 2005
Top Definition
another way of sayin, 'goodbye', 'lata' or '1'
1st person: im gon, meet me 2moro ye xx
2nd person: iite hold it xxx
by hjefwrr November 20, 2003
It Is To Hold The Sayer Nuts
Matthew Will Say Hold It
She Will Say Hold What
Matthew Will Say My Nuts
by FTB BRIM May 15, 2008
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