A Hokie is a very stubborn person who will misbehave an act like they are someone who posses a threat.
See that Hokie over there Man? You can wash him so hard.
by Georgejr6 December 22, 2008
A word now used to replace the old usage of the word "Postal" to describe someone who might act out violently.
Uh oh, I think Bob might go Hokie today!
I'd better buy him a donut!
by Jluva81 December 03, 2008
Main Entry: hokie
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: an emasculated turkey

Main Entry: hokie
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: corny and contrived, fake and melodramatic, insincerely emotional

take your pick bitches
high-school senior: I wanna go to virginia tech so I can be a hokie!
best friend: I'm sorry
by sorryyoudontgotouva April 25, 2005
a castrated turkey
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
a 2 syllable nonsense word made to tkae up space in the hokie cheer
"no, hokie has nothing to do with turkeys.
hokie was a nonsense word, made up after VPI had the mascot of a turkey. but nice try UVa fans. Try not to lose to Tech this year!"
by tommya October 24, 2006
1. Cheap, fake
2. A castrated gobbler
3. A school that specializes in dog fighting, thugs, and spooning with livestock.
That movie was so hokie. The special effects were horrible.
by TANK EARLY April 10, 2008
A derogatory racial term aimed at the African American population. Generally applies to African Americans who regularly engage in criminal activity, are members of gangs, etc. Probably originated in response to the word "honkey," which is a racial insult used against white people.
Guy 1: You wanna go to the rec park and shoot some b-ball?
Guy 2: No way man. That place is overrun by hokies this time of night.
by Bruce Jones November 25, 2007

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