Hokie means family. It represents a strong community of people that love and care for each-other. It also means watch out because you are about to get your ass kicked in football.
We are a Hokie Nation.
We are the Hokie's we will prevail.
Watch out for the Hokies, they will whoop your ass in football.
by Mkreid2 April 20, 2008
A Castrated Turkey
Damn, that Hokie doesn't have any balls!
by Hokie Truthteller August 14, 2008
Hokie means family. Hokies love, support, and care for each-other; like a family.
"Today, we are all Hokies"
by mkreid2 April 09, 2008
the team that put chris long to shame. hahahaaaaaa
person 1: so did you see the hokies play this week?
person 2: yeah they beat uva!
by Kim Johnson January 09, 2008
1. A person who goes around wearing burgundy and orange every game day.
2. A person who aspires to go to Virginia Tech.
3. One who goes to Virginia Tech.
The Hokies beat the Wahoos.
by Donna January 01, 2004
1. Someone who prides football over academics and all other sports. See also Wonderlic
2. Someone that has a rap sheet longer than their resume'.
3. Usually associated with the (edited) word, "f**kin'".
Another f**ckin' hokie football player got arrested today.
by GoHoos March 21, 2006
1. ACC Football Champions 12 weeks into the ACC
2. All that is superior to the Cavalier
or "wahoo"
It took the hokies only 12 weeks to win the ACC championship where as the wahoos have yet to win it in over 50 years.
by Giselle February 08, 2005

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