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Its south african, its a bit like mettwurst.
Hoje up ya crack you cheap bastard!
by TFU January 10, 2005
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Hoje is a celebratory word. It has its most common use when people say something that is highly offensive but needs to be said none-the-less. Hoje can be used to show support for the offender without offending the offendee.
Macca: Hey Emma, you are a filthy whorebag, go wash your hands under the birdbath before entering my house, or just fuck off completely you fat pigwhore! What the fuck are you doing at my house anyway?
Emma: *offended look on face*
Tom: Hoje Macca!

**in this way Tom is supporting Macca without directly offending Emma. Tom is smart**
by Macca BMDSC May 09, 2006
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