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Another term for broad.Also chick,
A female.
Paul-"Hey dude, check out that fuckin
Jim-"Yo man I see her"
by Paul Lindstrom August 08, 2005
n. Someone or something that is a combination of a ho and a bitch. It can be a compliment or an insult. adj. hoitchy, hoitchtacular, hoitchtastic, hoitcherific, hoitchful, hoitch-filled
1. "Emma Frost is a hoitch." 2. "My, Emma, you're looking hoitchy today!" 3. "Your hoitch-filled words sting." 4. "Have a hoitcherific day!" 5. "That movie was hoitchtastic!"
by Lainason January 13, 2007
another common name for "loose", "easy"
Hey, yo man out that fine hoitch
by pauly.p July 16, 2005