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A person with many warts and pus-filled objects on their face, long blonde hair, are in a band, and think obese girls are fine.
Staci: WTF is wrong with his face?
Alicia: hogwarts.
by pseudo122 August 02, 2011
A school of witchcraft and wizardry for children ages 10-17
by Jak January 27, 2003
slimy yellow impetigo spots on face usually leading to severe crusting on forehead, cheeks and chin not forgetting abandonment of friends.
1] what happended to clodagh?
2] she got the hogwarts
1] nasty.....
by frontbumholehead April 13, 2011
Place you travel to when you've been smoking to much ganja. When you're really really high!
Damn man, I'm sooooo fucked up!

Dude we're definately in Hogwarts!
by KUiscool April 03, 2011
Warts on a Hog that rolls in crap all day.
He looks like he has Hogwarts.
by Anyonums August 13, 2007
extremely outrageous bullcorn, impossible person/place/thing that could never happen in the real world
Manu Ginobili and the Spurs are hogwarts.
by crockpot toni April 06, 2009
someone who is selfish and isn't willing to share their belongings with others
"Madeline's such a hogwarts."
by Guest209384039257 February 11, 2009