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A dude who always flirts with every girl, never getting anywhere because he won't let them breath or speak due to his intentions.
That hogg is all over every girl in our group. I tried to talk to Jen and he came out of nowhere and interupted. She obviously hates him.
by caeson March 05, 2010
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Really nice guy who thinks he can improve his golf game by buying the most expensive fuck off golf club ever and then smashing every ball right when he sould have bought lessons
Golfer shouts "fore right"

"fuck man, that was some HOGG you hit there"
by Golflegend November 01, 2012
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V. to rape or attempt to rape any mildly attractive girl at a frat party.
See hunter
Yo man you were really hoggin that girl last night.

response: I know she was drunk but i really wanted to fuck her.
by Laser March 13, 2005
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