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A line of cocaine about to be snorted
We were blown hog legs all night.
by Murr 9 January 30, 2004
3 8
a firearm, ie., old western 6 shot revolvers. shaped like a part of a hogs leg. slang for a pistol, western style
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
139 44
the biggest fucking joint you have ever fucking seen
dude...that's a fucking hog leg...there is no fucking way we will ever be able to smoke that fat ass spliff!
by spliff master June 09, 2003
151 80
Large caliber pistol with associated long barrel. Calibers like .375 and .44 Magnum...Dirty Harry style. Hog leg and hand cannon are synonymous.
You aint ever goin get past that boy long as hes got that hog leg on his hip and a head full'a gumption!
by Nik Danger May 28, 2008
69 26
A big ass marijuana cigarette.
Damn, dude you rolled a hog leg!
by Loco Diablo August 08, 2003
65 36
an impressive handgun, like a.357 Magnum
if that fool in the jacked-up blue F350 messes with me again I'm gonna hafta back him off with a peek at my hogleg.
by Clint Dudley December 13, 2007
42 25
A large heavy caliber handgun, originally used to refer to a Colt Walker or similar sized revolver. Still in use today when referring to a big bore , long barreled handgun , typically a single action revolver
Tom Horn yanked that .44 hogleg out of Bill's holster and emptied all 6 shots into the ground right at Bill's mule.
by Hogwallop June 28, 2009
14 6
A term used in the south, especially in Louisiana, that refers to a large marijuana joint
"I've had a rough day, I just want to burn a Hogleg and chill.
by LSUfan24 April 07, 2011
10 6