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Oral satisfaction performed by a female for male gratification
Mary took me into the bathroom and gave me a great Hog Smoke.
by Chips July 10, 2003
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verb or noun; a blow job or cobb slob, usually a hogsmoke occurs on a random weekday evening in Arlington, VA. The term was made regionally popular by the local radio show The Sports Junkies. Hogsmokes are often times elusive and eagerly sought-after.
I met an amazing hogsmoker last night at Whitlow's. She gave me three hogsmokes in ten hours.

I knew there was little hope for the elusive post-blackout Sunday morning hogsmoke after I pissed the bed last night.
by G$ March 02, 2005
Girl giving a guy head. (Oral sex on a male)
I need a hogsmoke tonight, man. It's been a stressful day.
by Melanie July 05, 2003

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