Short for Honey Farms, a convenience store in New England.

Also known as:
Ho Farms
H Farms
I'm off to Ho Fos for some Snapple.
by Rushmore June 13, 2004
Top Definition
someone who is either homophobic or hates gays/bisexuals, would verbally or physically object to being hugged by a person of the same sex, or seeing such
can also be referred to as 'foho'
A: Did you hear that Adrian beat some guy up for touching him?
B: Yeah, he's such a hofo
by openmindedhofohater July 10, 2008
Short for 'homophobic', spelt phonetically how it sounds.

Someone who hates/fears homosexuality or homosexuals.
John: Did you hear, Matt's gay! That's so gross.
Luke: Hey man, don't be such a hofo.
by crayolaxsunshine April 14, 2010
Noun: Short for “whore information”. Description of information derived from a prostitute. Generally false or misguiding.
I was gonna meet you dare ba my babydaddy took my phone an I dun loss my key so when I got to where I could call you I din have no money to call cuz I lef my purse in my sista's friend's car an she hada go ta work, you know. So I borrowed some money from this guy I know dat live ner me so if you could give me sun mo cash so I can pay him back dat would be I don't want him mad at me cuz he just outta jail and he know where I live and I gotz kids, you know...and dis aint no Ho-Fo neevr!
by Mr. Monster January 30, 2006
Variation of Mo-Fo (Motherfucker), but intended to describe or address a ho.
What's up, Ho-Fo?
by Dickage August 03, 2010
Plural of hofo.

Multiple homophobic persons.
Matt: Those are the guys that called Rick a faggot.
Lisa: What a bunch of hofos!
by Rachibby June 24, 2010
n. Derived from mofo (motherfucker), it can used used to describe someone who has sex with prostitutes.

Also, can be used to describe someone who has sex with someone whose first name begins with Ho-
"You hear about Rob and Holly?"
"Yeah. Rob is such a hofo"
by Crabsoneyes January 06, 2005
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