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the name of this sexy sexy kid. =]
hoey ish sexy
by meliss April 22, 2004
46 57
a term of endearment for your bottom bitch.
"you my hoey, baby. you my numba 1."
by MKels February 16, 2008
54 17
dressing and/or acting like a hoe
It's 20 degrees out, and that girl is wearing a mini skirt. SHE SO HOE-Y!
by Northwasted October 23, 2010
1 1
action verb of being hoes together
emily- look at pete wentz and ashley simpson!
caitlyn-what about them?
emily-they are getting their hoey on
by hoelland October 03, 2009
6 19
Having qualities of or resembling that of a ho. It can be used as do derogatory term for a loose woman, a person you just don't like, or as a recognition of low quality of something.
1. Alley is quite hoey.
2. Damn....That hoey bitch wanted to go down on me last night.
3. "We're out of beer." "That's hoey."
4. "Did you see that hoey bradley girl? Sick."
by Caleß May 16, 2007
16 29
someone who is usually refered to as a hoe. usually used to describe someone whose name ends with the EE sound.
Guy 1: did you see that short skirt zoey was wearing?

Guy 2: yeah she's such a hoey; but id hit it.
by bob1227 September 04, 2007
7 24
some type of sex or sex noise
i want to make that girl hoey
by anonymous October 20, 2003
12 33