A series of dance-like jumping motions made when a person has just been caught lip-syncing live on national television.
Ashlee heard her own voice singing, even though she wasn't, so she decided to do a hoe-down.
by Unidentified February 09, 2005
Term often heard when a "dancer" or "stripper" crashes to the ground or the stage. This type of fall is a direct result from a blown out strap usually because the shoe was too small, borrowed, or just plain busted.. much like the stripper wearing them.
As Shanaynay took the stage her shoe gave out and caused the stripper to fall in her 8 inch platforms, the screams of "hoedown" filled the air.
by Jay Mike February 18, 2008
When Miley Cyrus trips and falls.
Miley Cyrus falling down that mountain she's trying to climb. A.K.A there is now a Hoe down.
by Emma1211 December 05, 2010
In the game Yahtzee, all five dice displaying the same number is a Yahtzee. When someone get's 3 Yahtzees in one game of Yahtzee, it's called a hoe down. (Similar to 3 strikes in bowling being called a Turkey )
*rolls dice* Yahtzee! Again! That's the third one this game!

Dude, you just got a HOE DOWN!!
by GSW4Lyfe June 13, 2013
White People Definition: A large gathering where hillbillies usually do a lot of dancing
Black People Definition: Code for when some bitch gets shot
White People: Jim Bob and Tammy Jo are taking the tractor down to the barn in Cooterville for the big ole hoedown.

Black People: When Shaniqua got shot the fuck up, Devontae called up his niggas and let them know about the hoedown.
by classygentleman7 April 04, 2012
Everyone's Favorite Game!
Drew Carey: Its time for everyone's favorite game, HOEDOWN!!
by Ryan Mochrie August 22, 2013
in the restaurant industry, when you cut a hostess, or send a hostess home for the night.
Its eight o'clock, lets get a hoe down
by grasshopper978 November 10, 2010

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