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When you slap a bitch so hard, that hoe falls down.
if she dont give me a stanley steamer tonight, that bitch gonna catch a hoe down.
by Brent A! December 05, 2008
23 16
A series of dance-like jumping motions made when a person has just been caught lip-syncing live on national television.
Ashlee heard her own voice singing, even though she wasn't, so she decided to do a hoe-down.
by Unidentified February 09, 2005
12 5
When Miley Cyrus trips and falls.
Miley Cyrus falling down that mountain she's trying to climb. A.K.A there is now a Hoe down.
by Emma1211 December 05, 2010
10 4
In the game Yahtzee, all five dice displaying the same number is a Yahtzee. When someone get's 3 Yahtzees in one game of Yahtzee, it's called a hoe down. (Similar to 3 strikes in bowling being called a Turkey )
*rolls dice* Yahtzee! Again! That's the third one this game!

Dude, you just got a HOE DOWN!!
by GSW4Lyfe June 13, 2013
2 0
White People Definition: A large gathering where hillbillies usually do a lot of dancing
Black People Definition: Code for when some bitch gets shot
White People: Jim Bob and Tammy Jo are taking the tractor down to the barn in Cooterville for the big ole hoedown.

Black People: When Shaniqua got shot the fuck up, Devontae called up his niggas and let them know about the hoedown.
by classygentleman7 April 04, 2012
8 7
in the restaurant industry, when you cut a hostess, or send a hostess home for the night.
Its eight o'clock, lets get a hoe down
by grasshopper978 November 10, 2010
3 2
The time when all the hoes get together and maybe dance.
"Will you be at the hoedown?"
"No, I will not, as I am NOT a hoe"
"oh ok. I think I understand the true meaning of hoedown"
by Little miss sunshine November 13, 2013
0 0