In rap it describes the classic amazon that eldridge cleaver spoke of in soul on ice. When they use the word hoe they describe the qualitys about black women that dont make them feminine. So check yourself if you think acting black or hoochie is a style or trend coming from hip hop culture. When they say hoe they are talking about you.
Scarface in an interview was asked why he calls women hoes. He says its to describe a certain type of woman. He points out that the female interviewer is a lady, dresses like a lady and sits with her leg crossed. He then leans back and goes. We got women that sit like this, then spreads his legs, like how a man sits back relaxed.
by Tengri July 23, 2008
a woman who will fuck anyone and is very easy or just devin lynch
She is a hoe. Devin is a hoe. :]
by Johnny Mill March 05, 2008
GREG. Greg is a hoe and likes to play with his inverted ness
Scott: Did you see that hoe?
Tanya: its just greg
by Tanya LOLOLOLO December 10, 2007
a fat ass bitch who should get fucked in the rear by a howling savage wolf until she explodes

Janelle Vega had Giant cantalopes, which she waved around, so Kacie and sydney called her a fatass mothafucka hoe.
by guhguhgayjuhjuhjanelle November 04, 2007
a young girl with saggy tits and an unattractive rear. a girl who hooks up with boys twice her age. and whos favorite fingering motion is the SHOCKA
a girl who thinks highly of her self and gets beat up by other large girls.
a girl that drinks like a drain and gets it on while she is drunk
T-hoe, yea i fucked her.......... DUDE~ me to ..... her pussy tight tho
by Billehbob October 08, 2007
The incorrect spelling of Ho
He's so stupid, he misspelled HO when he texted me earlier today! He called me a HOE, a gardening tool, when he really meant to call me a HO, a whore! You must be pretty stupid to misspell a two letter word!
by FixinStupidity February 15, 2011
hoe; - a girl friend
Eg. Hey my hoe

Eg.Hoes over bros, babe
by PW_17 July 22, 2008

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