A girl who has no standards, wears tight clothes and looks nasty.
"Dude, Kathy's such a hoee!"
by babycakesss! April 23, 2010
Slang for prostitute, usually performing sexual acts in exchange for cash.
Also what 12 year olds call slutty girls in school.
I just banged that hoe last night for only 5 bucks!
Courtney is such a hoe.
by Sam Leisenring April 09, 2015
Used in the hip-hop world mostly, a hoe/ho is referred to a woman or girl who only wants to have sex with the artist because of their success. Misinterpreted greatly and considered an insult, it is a more vulgar way of the word 'groupie'.
"This hoe keeps appearing at my shows but I'd never seen her before until I started becoming famous."
by LEG October 02, 2014
Kaylynn. She fucks anything with a heartbeat.
Person 1: did you hear about that girl who has been sleeping with everybody?

Person 2: Oh yeah, that's kaylynn. She's a total hoe.
by Boss_ass_bitch33 November 30, 2013
1. repulsive manwhore
2. with saggy balls
3. who cheats on all his gf's
4. and is going to die from STD's
5. a bumass wigger from the suburbs who can't get a job so just tries to overcompensate under the belt
Girl #1: Ew, did I just see you with Larry?
Girl #2: No way! He is such a hoe. Someone should nuder him before his overused balls sag so low they pick up dust dragging on the floor...
by FunnyCauseItsTrue February 22, 2013
An asian bitch named Tiffany who has trouble making friends.
Tiffany Tran is a hoe.
by Akakaka1124 December 30, 2011
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