1.)A Hoe is a slang term for prostitute

2.)A Person who is willing to Have Intercouse with anyone

3.) A Gardening Tool
I am Going to Wreck a Hoe Tonight!
by Percyus April 01, 2009
commonly thought to mean one of two things but is actually two peices to the same object. you see you place a hoe in a hoe and the machine is complete
well that hoe aint a gardenin' tool anymore is it dear
by guywholoveshoes...andjohndeere August 25, 2008
idiots who don't know how to spell "ho" spell it this way.
hoe= gardening tool
ho= prostitute
wrong: "that girl is a hoe"
right: "that girl is a ho"
by natattack May 25, 2008
Your friend , your homie , a term of endearment used such as my nigga... mostly in the southern states such as georgia or alabama.
Lyric: guhl,you know what , yo feet stank
Jalidee: shut the fuck up ,hoe! yo feet stank
Lyric: whateva hoe!
Jalidee: i love you though hoe!
Lyric:me too, you my foreva hoe, my hoe for life, my H2L babee!! Even if you got stank feet...
Jalidee: Bitch, shut yo hoe ass up, skank!!
by MzJ&L April 20, 2008
slang for prostitute and/or slut etc
I just don't like to associate unforgettable blow jobs with hoes. The shy girl next door could be much better...
by velvettongue June 19, 2005
a female that sleeps with everyone
Jasmine is a hoe, because i slept with her yesterday and you slept with her today
by Matthew M May 21, 2005
A girl who will mess around while in a relationship with her boyfriend. Someone who will talk to their ex behind their current boyfriends back. Typically a girl by the name of Ashley who is a senior in high school.
Damn girlll, she did a hoe move. (ashley)
by trashman145 March 08, 2010

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