a round, smooth cut of meat
"Wow, I'm really wish I had a hoe instead of this flank steak."
by Joses November 06, 2005
1)an easy woman who will let u bang her for a lil cash to give to her pimp.(my advice is for u to use a condom,because hoes carry disease!)also a whore,pimpet,or a bitch.
2)a garden tool used to dig up the earth.
1)that hoe stole my money and slept with my brother,now he has aids,hahaha!
2)i took my hoe to the garden and played with it for a while...lol
by the bitch fucker October 20, 2005
A woman that has one dude after another
That bitch is one silly hoe
by Breonna May 24, 2005
The pussy you get off the street or the skank at school everyone hates.
Your mama is my hoe
by Sunoskey December 12, 2003
1. A slutty girl that pushes their ass in as many people's faces as possible. She will fuck pretty much anything and aside from horny teenage boys, everyone hates her.
That hoe is as easy to turn on as a lightbulb!!!
by onlyhornyboyswillloveahoe January 18, 2011
To utterly demolish someone in a confrontation of any kind.
"Did you guys win that basketball game last night?"
"Yeah, it was so easy. We hoe'd so quick"


"Maybe if you weren't so fat you'd be able to fit through the door"
(someone who overhears)


"Oh hell no. He's trying to say something about me? Lemme hoe him really quick"
by breakdownPYK July 06, 2009
a women who can't hop off cocks
Kathy Gomes is a big hoe.
by Bobtby May 18, 2009

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