perjorative urban slang for female who is very sexually permiscuous, often involving many different partners
that susie is a real fucking hoe, she'le go down on anybody
by doctor jazz September 06, 2009
a word one uses to describe an unfortunate event
"that math test was so hoe."
by WiccaMan July 10, 2009
1.) A garden tool designed for preparing the dirt for planting
2.) A hungry dog that has not eaten for more than 5 days
3.) A woman who is willing to have sex with more than 683 people for money, sometimes including clowns, carnies and chinese businessmen. She usually has no self esteem and has an extreme addiction to crack. She also carries a large knife that she uses on people who don't pay her
4.) A G-Unit gangster who grabs life by the horns er'day
"i just bought a new hoe today!"
"might i borrow it? planting season is starting!"
"why yes you may!"

"hoe! get in my mercedez!"
"hey baby, i suck your dick for a dollar fifty"
by jesselover163 May 25, 2009
A person that will do many guys
Omg hannah is such a hoe!!
by sexytimenow!!!! January 21, 2009
Ellena Degeneres of Federal Way :]
Dat hoe ov'r Der is nappy.
by Bellerina K November 27, 2007
a round, smooth cut of meat
"Wow, I'm really wish I had a hoe instead of this flank steak."
by Joses November 06, 2005
1)an easy woman who will let u bang her for a lil cash to give to her pimp.(my advice is for u to use a condom,because hoes carry disease!)also a whore,pimpet,or a bitch.
2)a garden tool used to dig up the earth.
1)that hoe stole my money and slept with my brother,now he has aids,hahaha!
2)i took my hoe to the garden and played with it for a
by the bitch fucker October 20, 2005

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