a girl that gives up the goods to guy that doesn't deserve it. A female that fucks wit the homies of her current or ex boyfriend.
Nani is the hoe of Science Park High School in Newark,New Jersey
by LOL IMLFAO March 11, 2010
1. A skank

2. A woman that is too loose in the booty.

3. Woman or man that fuck anything with two legs.

4. A promiscuous person
kala "hoe" blount.
by Kala BLount February 11, 2010
Someone who has mastered the art of...
- using their body to make a living; GET MONEY. GET PAID.
- sleeping around with numerous men/women, whatever works for them; basically being easy
- presenting themselves as a very sexual being
Man #1: Dude, went to NYU last weekend and met this hoe there. I didn't even have to ask, she just jumped on me. But afterwards she stole my wallet...I had $500 in there.
Man#2: Wow, that's rough. That hoe be smart.
by blacksnacks November 07, 2009
1. fucks anything with a penis, vagina, or both. whatever floats their boat, easy to get in the sack
2. very sexual and forward towards men...and women
3. successful at selling herself on the streets (hoes gotta make a living somehow)
4. can be employed by a pimp
Girl #1: What are you up to tonight?
Girl #2: Oh you know, the usual. Gonna hoe it up on the streets tonight. GET MONEY. GET PAID.

Guy #1: Yoo, I'm hitting up NY this weekend.
Guy#2: Sweet! I met this Asian chick there last month from NYU. Bagged her in 10 minutes, what a hoe.
Guy#1: Nice!!!
by fignuttons November 07, 2009
Truthfully, a hoe is simply a person of status that is unoriginal and depends on orignal inspiration from original people; people otherwise know as supreme beings, or even pimps for that matter. Sexuality is only part of this equation. Hoes do what they're told, these types of pimps do what they must, and everyone is satisfied in the end. Such is the way of human diversity.
*In Comedic Overtones*

"Yo, my O.G. (Original God/Gangsta) got so many hoes (85'ers)gettin' his money, he finna rule da world soon!"

Some bad blak mutha fucka, who keeps it live
by Realized7 February 22, 2007
the phenomenon that occurs when you look at a digital clock upside-down at 3:04. This exact time of day is referred to as "hoe."
student 1: dude, look at the clock, its hoe
student 2: hoe, sweet
student 3: HOE!!!!
teacher: HEY! KNOCK IT OFF!
by llio;p;lk September 06, 2006
either men or women that fuck around with countless people.
Don't marry that hoe he fucked around too much
by bluechewbacca September 13, 2016
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