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A ignorant person, also said after a stupid action.
Cyle: Your such a hoe Justin

Justin: You know it.
by mmm808 November 25, 2010
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A girl named Raeanna
This cute person is a hoe
by AsianKid350 September 08, 2010
2 4
1. Hoe is actually a term of endearment to some. It's a friendly word towards those you know and love.

2. Hoe can also mean a person who is loose, sleeps around with multiple men and usually carrying a shitload of STDs.
1. Boy: Good morning

Girl: Good mornin' hoe, how are you?

2. Damn that broad is a hoe, you saw how she looked at my husband?
by xEirema August 19, 2010
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A girl who has no standards, wears tight clothes and looks nasty.
"Dude, Kathy's such a hoee!"
by babycakesss! April 23, 2010
1 3
A person that blows up a whole bunch of yachts on peoples' front lawns, to hide evidence of them having sex with someone else on it.
Person 1: Oh god, Caitlyn is such a hoe, she blew up another yaucht on my lawn today.
Person 2: You need to get rid of that hoe, man.
by Yacht Lady March 06, 2010
1 3
a person that dresses really slutty, uses excuses to get with more than 1 person at a party, and trys to draw alot of attention by what shes wearing
a hoe named raz, walked down the hallway with a 2 inch skirt
by frederick v hansbrough April 07, 2008
6 8
-A hoe, is a person that goes behind your back and fucks your man, then video tapes it and puts it all over myspace.
-A hoes, is a back stabbing cousin that sucks dick for a living.
back stabbbin hoe, cunt suckin bitch.
by pillpopper August 17, 2007
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