Someone who has sex everyday
also spelled Ho
John banged everyday this week, hes such a hoe
by jwrj53 August 21, 2011
A Woman who messes around with other man's Girlfriends and smiles in their face
Don't marry that hoe, she sucked too many dicks and you know the old saying, you can't turn a whore into a housewife.
by RealestGemini ! January 05, 2011
A ignorant person, also said after a stupid action.
Cyle: Your such a hoe Justin

Justin: You know it.
by mmm808 November 25, 2010
A girl named Raeanna
This cute person is a hoe
by AsianKid350 September 08, 2010
1. Hoe is actually a term of endearment to some. It's a friendly word towards those you know and love.

2. Hoe can also mean a person who is loose, sleeps around with multiple men and usually carrying a shitload of STDs.
1. Boy: Good morning

Girl: Good mornin' hoe, how are you?

2. Damn that broad is a hoe, you saw how she looked at my husband?
by xEirema August 19, 2010
A girl who has no standards, wears tight clothes and looks nasty.
"Dude, Kathy's such a hoee!"
by babycakesss! April 23, 2010
a person that dresses really slutty, uses excuses to get with more than 1 person at a party, and trys to draw alot of attention by what shes wearing
a hoe named raz, walked down the hallway with a 2 inch skirt
by frederick v hansbrough April 07, 2008

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