A girl who hooks up with lots of guys and doesn't want emotional involved; someone who is horny all the time and does something about it
Oh my god Slexie Spanos is such a hoe she fucked 2 guys in one night.
by Cars tut December 12, 2013
Not the most common use of the word, being a derogatory word for a female that has sex with a great number of people.

Hoe is another way to call another man a bitch ass nigga / someone who is soft as baby asses / a nigga that just ain't shit.
Guy 1: Yo I heard you slapped that nigga Vinny up and he just took that shit

Guy 2: Yeah. He a hoe. Fo rizzeal.
by iHateJimbo December 09, 2013
A hoe (not ho as some idiots spell it as) is a rather promiscuous male or female who goes a roving by moonlight without staying loyal to a single relationship...a bit like Lord Byron or Nishal P.
Nishal, your such a hoe!
by RaviS July 05, 2012
A prostitute

Another spelling of ho.
pimp: Gimme my money hoe!
by Omegaman987 October 29, 2011
"Hoe" a term used to describe a whore or a woman who sleeps for money, i.e. prostitute, later used to describe women who sleep with anyone and numerous times. It originated on the streets by ganstas dropping their R's making Whore=>Hoe. It was brought into main society by African American oracles like 2 pac and Notorious BIG. They granted men who are talking about whores with another way to shorten the sentence and get the message of her fishy gap out quicker. It was also useful in the beginning as slang that women didn't get so men could say it to their face and they didn't understand that they were getting called a slut. But after the word got out and they figured it out from the rap lyrics, it caused a very conflicting time between males and females. Once they figured it out, males were getting caught all across the country by women. Then they turned from hoes to crazy psycho hoes. Now a days the word is put with a long list of derogatory terms used to tell some women what they really are, skanky tramps that are just passed around.
Male 1: “Why does she keep staring at me, she is such a hoe.”

Male 2: “I know, last party she ended up with 3 guys.”

Male 1: “Please don’t let me end up with her tonight no

matter how black out I get.”

Male 2: “Can’t promise anything, I bet she’ll be grinding on your junk in the next 10 minutes.”

Male 1: “I know right!?”

Male 2: “If anything else, tomorrow will be fun, haha.”
by KC_82 April 07, 2010
a girl that gives up the goods to guy that doesn't deserve it. A female that fucks wit the homies of her current or ex boyfriend.
Nani is the hoe of Science Park High School in Newark,New Jersey
by LOL IMLFAO March 11, 2010
1. A skank

2. A woman that is too loose in the booty.

3. Woman or man that fuck anything with two legs.

4. A promiscuous person
kala "hoe" blount.
by Kala BLount February 11, 2010
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