Likes to have fun in a sluty way
Short for whore
I don't like that hoe!
by thesewordsdoe July 22, 2014
1. A gardening tool used for several gardening purposes
2. Misspelling of ho
1. Jared has a hoe in his back yard if you want to do some gardening.
2. Jared has a hoe in his back yard if you want to do some "gardening."
by The Knight of the Elder Banana January 20, 2014
A person who is down to fuck anyone.
Beware. he/she might have STD's.
Sally: Hey don't invite JT to your party hes a hoe-fosho.
by Chelly M. January 01, 2014
A girl who hooks up with lots of guys and doesn't want emotional involved; someone who is horny all the time and does something about it
Oh my god Slexie Spanos is such a hoe she fucked 2 guys in one night.
by Cars tut December 12, 2013
Not the most common use of the word, being a derogatory word for a female that has sex with a great number of people.

Hoe is another way to call another man a bitch ass nigga / someone who is soft as baby asses / a nigga that just ain't shit.
Guy 1: Yo I heard you slapped that nigga Vinny up and he just took that shit

Guy 2: Yeah. He a hoe. Fo rizzeal.
by iHateJimbo December 09, 2013
A hoe (not ho as some idiots spell it as) is a rather promiscuous male or female who goes a roving by moonlight without staying loyal to a single relationship...a bit like Lord Byron or Nishal P.
Nishal, your such a hoe!
by RaviS July 05, 2012
A prostitute

Another spelling of ho.
pimp: Gimme my money hoe!
by Omegaman987 October 29, 2011

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