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There are 3 definitions:
1) Hoe- an "easy" girl , who is DTF
2) Classy Hoe- an "easy" girl , who has CLASS! And wears prada, an "upperclass hoe"
3) Bitchy Hoe- a girl wo makes you think she's "easy" and is all over your dick until you make a move then she says "you thought I wanted your dick?!?"
"I only get classy hoes!" -Drake
by Peepin Tom April 20, 2011
Miley Cyrus.

Also associated with words like: slut, whore, and douche-bag-faggot-hoe-face.
Girl 1: "Wow. Look at that hoe over there."
Girl 2: "Miley Cyrus is here?!"
by Meowmixer6969696969 September 06, 2010
"Hoe" a term used to describe a whore or a woman who sleeps for money, i.e. prostitute, later used to describe women who sleep with anyone and numerous times. It originated on the streets by ganstas dropping their R's making Whore=>Hoe. It was brought into main society by African American oracles like 2 pac and Notorious BIG. They granted men who are talking about whores with another way to shorten the sentence and get the message of her fishy gap out quicker. It was also useful in the beginning as slang that women didn't get so men could say it to their face and they didn't understand that they were getting called a slut. But after the word got out and they figured it out from the rap lyrics, it caused a very conflicting time between males and females. Once they figured it out, males were getting caught all across the country by women. Then they turned from hoes to crazy psycho hoes. Now a days the word is put with a long list of derogatory terms used to tell some women what they really are, skanky tramps that are just passed around.
Male 1: “Why does she keep staring at me, she is such a hoe.”

Male 2: “I know, last party she ended up with 3 guys.”

Male 1: “Please don’t let me end up with her tonight no

matter how black out I get.”

Male 2: “Can’t promise anything, I bet she’ll be grinding on your junk in the next 10 minutes.”

Male 1: “I know right!?”

Male 2: “If anything else, tomorrow will be fun, haha.”
by KC_82 April 07, 2010
a girl that gives up the goods to guy that doesn't deserve it. A female that fucks wit the homies of her current or ex boyfriend.
Nani is the hoe of Science Park High School in Newark,New Jersey
by LOL IMLFAO March 11, 2010
Truthfully, a hoe is simply a person of status that is unoriginal and depends on orignal inspiration from original people; people otherwise know as supreme beings, or even pimps for that matter. Sexuality is only part of this equation. Hoes do what they're told, these types of pimps do what they must, and everyone is satisfied in the end. Such is the way of human diversity.
*In Comedic Overtones*

"Yo, my O.G. (Original God/Gangsta) got so many hoes (85'ers)gettin' his money, he finna rule da world soon!"

Some bad blak mutha fucka, who keeps it live
by Realized7 February 22, 2007
Kaylynn. She fucks anything with a heartbeat.
Person 1: did you hear about that girl who has been sleeping with everybody?

Person 2: Oh yeah, that's kaylynn. She's a total hoe.
by Boss_ass_bitch33 November 30, 2013
Someone who has sex everyday
also spelled Ho
John banged everyday this week, hes such a hoe
by jwrj53 August 21, 2011