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biggest bitches of all time, they think they are hard, but really is just a pussy or twat...
"NEVER LET HOE ASS NIGGAS RIDE" - Lyrics from UGK song, front back and side to side
by 42056546gfd January 26, 2006
93 44
man showing female treats ,sniching,crying,talkin shit behind your back....
Tyron is a hoe ass nigga. he aint goin to tell you he sniched on you
by Swag King August 25, 2008
266 65
A man who gets a girl pregnant then leaves
Man Joe got her pregnant and ran, he's a hoe ass nigga
by ME????? January 20, 2008
144 122
people who always act like bitches
That hoeassnigga ran like a bitch.
by dontworryaboutitbitch February 06, 2010
29 14
A guy who sleeps with nothing but HOES; A guy who fucks anything that walks; guy with no respect for himself; a guy who smashes girls RAW
"Damn look at that hoe ass nigga always trying to get some pussy"

He smashed "her" raw? Thats a hoe ass nigga
by LadyGee March 26, 2012
47 53