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man showing female treats ,sniching,crying,talkin shit behind your back....
Tyron is a hoe ass nigga. he aint goin to tell you he sniched on you
by Swag King August 25, 2008
biggest bitches of all time, they think they are hard, but really is just a pussy or twat...
"NEVER LET HOE ASS NIGGAS RIDE" - Lyrics from UGK song, front back and side to side
by 42056546gfd January 26, 2006
A man who gets a girl pregnant then leaves
Man Joe got her pregnant and ran, he's a hoe ass nigga
by ME????? January 20, 2008
A guy who sleeps with nothing but HOES; A guy who fucks anything that walks; guy with no respect for himself; a guy who smashes girls RAW
"Damn look at that hoe ass nigga always trying to get some pussy"

He smashed "her" raw? Thats a hoe ass nigga
by LadyGee March 26, 2012
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