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A person that is known for being clumsy or forgetful.

Kayla is such a hodgepodge, she forgot that today was my birthday.
by Christopher MacKenzie May 30, 2008
A mutation of the word hajji used by US soldiers to describe Arabs.
Did you see that hodge podge at the gas station?
by Slippy P Funk D Fird Yo November 27, 2004
It's when you take a dump of diarrhea in a girl's mouth and the you mix it with your penis as you mix a hot chocolate.
I made this girl a hodgepodge yesterday, and she got mad at me!
by maoroag January 18, 2010
A Jumble fu** of stuff or my show on WPTC 88.1 FM "The Best in College Radio" www.pct.edu/wptc
I play a hodgepodge of music!
by Brady March 29, 2005
verb, the act of slipping a hedgehog into the rectal passage in an effort for sexual stimulation
"Do you want to hodgepodge me?"
by chizz54 April 20, 2008
A word used by dumb history teachers to mean stuff. They use this word because they are stupid but like to use big words.
Mike Moeller assigns a hodgepodge of reading that nobody ever does.
by Jack Mehoff March 26, 2004