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A maneuver during the sexual act of fingerbang.

While the male's fingers are in the female, he also grabs her hair, then proceeds to lift her up by the vagina and hair, and toss her into a wall.

Hockey players are well known for tossing their bags; and domestic violence.
Man: Hey woman. I play hockey. I like fighting and sex.

Woman: I'm somehow attracted to that. Come over later and you can hockeybag me.
by The Entire Red Wings Team February 09, 2010
The smelliest shit on earth that even febreeze can't handle. Never get into a car if someone says, "Hey, I've got wet gear in the back. Hope you don't mind."

source - hockey player who has to ride 2 hours to and from practice
"Yo, I bet my hockey bag smells worse than yours ya muffin!"
by chronodos May 31, 2016
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