It's a team MMA fight and everyone has 3 foot wooden(sometimes carbon fiber) sticks! Bring a helmet!
Dude, did you see last night's hockey game?
by The phil0soph3r May 15, 2010
violent sex or other violent sexual acts
"we played some hockey in the back seat of the car"
by hutchie_91 April 21, 2008
The biggest waste of time. It's extremely boring to watch and people fight for the stupidest reasons
Hey bro, wanna go watch some hockey?

Nah, I've got some weed I'd rather smoke.
by HockeySux February 15, 2011
a sport that is played for three 20 minute periods at best and is equivalent to watching paint dry.
bill:dude r u going to watch the hockey game tonight?
Doug: naa, i spent the whole afternoon watching paint dry so i had my fill of excitement for today.
by hockeyhockeyhockey February 20, 2011
Soccer played on ice. But instead of a ball being used used, hockey uses something that came out of a urinal called a puck!
Hockey is not a sport. A real sport is something played with a ball. Hockey is 3 things going on at once. Ice skating, playing with a puck, and beating the shit out of somebody!
by tatomuck1 August 13, 2009
Sport that is the Canadian version of soccer. Was cool in the 1980s but now is the taint of the sports universe. More white people play/attend games than Neo Nazi meetings. Impossible to watch on TV due to the impossible task of seeing the puck, even in HD. Half of all games used to end in ties; now they end in shootouts, making them now as lame as soccer. Only entertaining part of games is when players fight, which are all scripted anyway, thus setting hockey behind NASCAR, where at least 30-hillbilly pileups are spotaneous.
Hockey is so lame, more people care about Paris Hilton's genital warts.
by Leandro Washington February 24, 2010
A game that lots of men love because it is very violent and pointless.
For some reason Canada is also always linked to it. As are missing teeth and blood.
Fun, huh?
Dude, that guy is missing alot of teeth!
It's cause he plays hockey!
by Bekiweki August 21, 2009

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