Hockey is the greatest sport ever! It is a full contact sport that requires speed, strength, and balance. It is mainly enjoyed in Canada, Russia, the United States (YEA BOY!), Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and other countries with colder climates. On international levels, the Canadian team, Russian team, and the American team are consistently good. Unfortunately, as with other sports, there are always fans trying to ruin the experience (mainly elitist Canadians that think that Americans don't appreciate it enough. Tell that to my face, I dare you.)

Notable Names: Wayne Gretzky, Mike Modano, Chris Chelios, Arturs Irbe, the list goes on.

Notable Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings, Any Original Six Team.
Person 1: Dude! Did you see the hockey game last night?

Person 2: You mean the Sharks and Kings? Hell yeah I did!

Person 1: That hit by Demers was hard!

Person 2: Maybe this will be the year?

Person 1: After 20 years, I hope it is!

by Inub0i November 16, 2010
Hockey - a game used to interrupt ice rink fights. Once the fight is interrupted, the game participants skate around in circles hitting each other with sticks until two or more get angry enough to resume the fight. Unlike boxing, the gloves worn are usually removed. Unlike professional wrestling, hockey occurs on ice.
I went to Fighting on Ice the other night and just when it got interesting a hockey game broke out. I hate it when that happens.
by Wigeon May 22, 2007

Canada's game (need I say more...)
Team Canada wins the gold against Team USA with 12 minutes & 20 seconds left in overtime (thanks to the MIRACLE goal scored by Crosby) on Februrary 28th at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Thus Canada has earned 14 gold medals in total (breaking a former record held by the former Soviet Union for 13 gold medals at the 1976 Innsbruck Olympics).

hockey is Canada's game, don't get it twisted!
by ae123456 February 28, 2010
The greatest sport on the planet, end of story
hockey is the best!
by sensfan March 09, 2013
hockey: A "real sport", which you go and enjoy. their is always action. unlike baseball, where your just stand there and hit a ball. Woah! fun! not.

soccor too. thats for bitchezz
guy1: Hey lets go play some soccor!

guy2: u call that a sport? cmon bro, grow a some hockey
by mikes183438 April 12, 2010
best friken sport out there and to u it might not be cuz ur a woose and think that it will hurt well IT DOESNT im a girl mmmmmkay i get hit,smacked,slapped,pinched,pushed etc. at skool all the time i dont think hockey is a painful sport its fun.
best sport out there...period...dont think so...then go away...(jkjk u can stay but dont be dissn hockey mmmmkay)
by HoCkEy Is ThE bEsT sPorT!!! April 19, 2007
Well, let me start off by saying hockey is one of the greatest spectator sports due to the occasional fights, hits etc. If you're playing hockey, what a rush. I've played hockey nearly my whole life and loved it not as a sport but as life. Hockey is the most thrilling and physical sport (football is physical, but you stop after every man hugs each other, baseball sucks plain and simple, soccer is soccer... Boring). Hockey is the greatest sport there really is. PS canadians aren't only the beat ones at hockey, I'm from America and recently played a canadian team... 6-1. Ha
When I was watching hockey the other night, I think I wet myself when Milan lucic put that guy through the glass.
by Caidentt1 April 02, 2009
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