Only the best sport in the history of Earth. It is especially enjoyed by Canadians. Americans think they can play it, but they can't and never will. Canada RULES THE HOCKEY WORLD. Watch Hockey Day In Canada.
Canada winning Gold in the 2002 Olympics in both Mens and Womens hockey.
by mizzhockeystar December 26, 2005
Pretty cool sport popular in Canada, Russia, and the US. The Major league is the NHL, which has such upcomming young stars like Alexander Ovechkin and veterens like Jaromir Jagr

Seriesly though, Shut the fuck with argueing over what sport is superior then any other. Just because baseball is boring for you dosn't mean you can post up your OPINIONS on an Urban DICTIONARY on how much you hate it. Hockeys great, baseballs great, basketball's great, footballs great, just stop bickering.
Canadian: Baseball is so boring, there all fat n basketball so is a pussy sport n Hockey is so cool n it's dominated by canadians cuz the US is so bad n....

American: Hey, you know what's pathetic?

Canadian: What?

American: You
by Geeter August 17, 2006
best fucking sport in the world. all the guys i kno at school that play football are fuckin pussies. and im tired with people steriotyping hockey with a sport where all you do is fight. they need to fucking learn the game and realize that you fuckin screw ur team over if you fight and you cant just go around hitting kids with sticks, that would be a slash you dumb bitches. and im also sick of canadians calling out americans. im american and im a die hard hockey fan. i lived in canada for a while and loved it. if ur canadian and reading this please realize that there are tons of people that adore hockey. i live in michigan so i guess its easy to love hockey here cause our other sports teams suck exspecially the lions. i hate basketball pussies that cant take shit. you dont even have to try out for football at our school you just make the team. and hockey doesnt have drug problems like every other sport. so all the retards that havent played or watch hockey yet you need to stop dogging it. cause you cant say shit unless youve laced up your skates and held a stick and have taken a slapshot to the throught and broke a kids stick on your chest and broke your collarbone in 3 place from getting boarded. you pussy shits
american deuche bag: football is tougher than hockey

hockey players: say it again bitch and well rip you spleen out through your cock

american deuche bag: id like to see that assholes

hockey players: alright you hold him down and ill do the dirty work. alright

splat squirt

american deuche bag: in a very high pitched voice. ooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwieeeeeeeeee. *cries like a basketball pussy*

hockey players: shut ur fucking mouth ive seen worse things in the locker room. hockey locker rooms are where 30% of all rapes in the world happen.
by falcon33b March 13, 2009
Slang (with other meaning):
The act of playing with any stick-like object by oneself in a bedroom or a small tent, in which the activity may be over an extended period of time and sometimes repeated. Usually takes places alone or at night, and the participant engages in this activity (sometimes regularly) because it gives them a significant amount of pleasure. In some occasions this sport can be played with two or more people either on a team in the same game or separate teams in overlapping games.
My brother pitched a tent in my living room and called it Jack n' Tony's Shack. He played some serious hockey that night, and ended up pitching 5 field goals in his own net and wouldn't pass the puck until we were out of fresh towels.
by JayTK March 09, 2013
Hockey is the greatest sport ever! It is a full contact sport that requires speed, strength, and balance. It is mainly enjoyed in Canada, Russia, the United States (YEA BOY!), Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and other countries with colder climates. On international levels, the Canadian team, Russian team, and the American team are consistently good. Unfortunately, as with other sports, there are always fans trying to ruin the experience (mainly elitist Canadians that think that Americans don't appreciate it enough. Tell that to my face, I dare you.)

Notable Names: Wayne Gretzky, Mike Modano, Chris Chelios, Arturs Irbe, the list goes on.

Notable Teams: Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings, Any Original Six Team.
Person 1: Dude! Did you see the hockey game last night?

Person 2: You mean the Sharks and Kings? Hell yeah I did!

Person 1: That hit by Demers was hard!

Person 2: Maybe this will be the year?

Person 1: After 20 years, I hope it is!

by Inub0i November 16, 2010
Hockey is the best fucking sport ever!!!! Often confused with the sucky sport of "field hockey" Super hot when played by girls.. A much better sport than baseball. Hockey is extremely exciting, unlike baseball which is like watching grass grow. Many people think that hockey is easy, and its "a bunch of morons sliding around on ice" however, if a basketball, football, lacrosse, baseball, or field hockey player tried to play, in most instances, they would epicly fail. However, if a hockey player tried playing basketball, football, lacrosse, baseball, or field hockey, they would own because to play hockey you have to be extremely athletic.
Person 1: dude, were you watching the baseball game?
Person 2: HELL NO!! The stanley cup was on last night you idiot!
Person 1: hockey sucks..
Person 2: I sugest you leave now before your missing more teeth than bobby clarke
by casiexox7 April 27, 2011
the best sport ever, and is best played by girls. yet sadly, it is becoming a victim of the times; with the coming of gear combo packs, and meatheads who cant take a punch. the new "hockey" is even said to be put second to american football by some CANADIANS! its just sad. but we will fight on, we will rid the sport of the adulterating wusses who say they can play (sydney crosby), and we will prevail over the ever present need for sleek and new, and go back to playing on ponds and lakes.
1. dude lests go play some hockey!

2. naw man, renting ice is expensive and besides the fotball game is on

1. wtf?
by 5555555 December 11, 2010

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