A sport played on grass with a ball that is harder than a hard thing with nails in.
The only concession being that you get a pair of shin pads.
The idea of the game is to hit the ball into the oppositions goal with your hockey stick and not use your feet.
Mostly played by butch lesbians with something to prove.
Often confused by the hard of thinking for Ice hockey, which is played on ice.
"Who are all those rough looking men hitting that ball around a field?"
"Thats the local womens hockey team at practice."
by Markismint June 02, 2005
The slowest game on earth. Sucks. Like watching paint dry.
"Hey man, let's go watch some hockey!"

"oh, you mean watch paint dry?"
by gertrude smithers October 01, 2006
gayest sport ever

Played in lame places that cant play real sports that people actually care
Hockey is played in gay countries that suk at basketball
by J Swizzy November 17, 2005
The gayest sport in the world.

Usually played in canada and which most people DONT GIVE A FUK ABOUT IT. Why the fuk did it have a lock out because its gay
Person 1: Did you see those fuking canadians playing hockey on Espn

Person 2: Fuk no i watched basketball and football, and ESPN dont give a fuk about hockey
by J Swizzy November 17, 2005
it is just boxing on ice. no one actually watches hockey for the hcokey they watch it for the fights. How can it be the best sport in the world when no one actually wants to watch them play the sport.
The hockey game was boring until there was this sick ass fight
by a,sjbfgajlk October 25, 2005
1. The most unpopular North American professional league sport. So unpopular that while Canada invented the sport and is proud of it, most of their teams have left to play in American cities. 2.A sport that nobody gives a damn about even though the 2005 NHL season has been cancelled. 3. The only major north american sport to have its season completely cancelled.
Man, hockey is so boring that the big networks will not show the Stanley Cups final on prime time network television; it gets relegated to tape delayed cable channels like espn.
by NBA Baller February 19, 2005
a "sport" where you skate on ice, and all the players have a hockey stick which they try to use to score and stop the opposite team from scoring. usually played by canadians who think they are macho because they pick random fights during the game with pads on. why it is entertaining to either watch or play is beyond me.
Bill: did you see that fight in the hocky game last night?

Steve: yea, that was pointless. if you want to watch a real fight then watch UFC.

Bill: yeah those hockey players suck ass.yeah their nuts are shrinked its a sport for ugly people.
by Frankfurt May 30, 2005

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