The most physical sport ever. Challenging, fun, kicks other sports' asses. Best when played on ice.
Elsi:Where were u?
Janelle:Hockey practice, u?
Elsi:I was at practice 2!
Janelle:What do u do again?
Janelle:psht! loser, ain't no sweat in volleyball!
by P. Janelle. N. February 26, 2005
To prove that whites ARE better than blacks.
damn, look at the white hockey player.
by MMMRRRAAAWWWWRRRR October 12, 2008
A stick and puck game played on ice.
I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.
by sukebe December 14, 2006
A world-leading sport, stronger than basketball, baseball and American football. American's are just overly conceited to realize this and still thinks the world revolves around them (oops, China owns your ass now!). That is why hockey is played all over Europe and is actually in the Olympics, unlike basketball, baseball and American football. I rest my case.
American: "Hockey sucks!"

World: "The US of A sucks!"
by Zakk Bartsch July 23, 2006
the assumed sport that all canadians are good at, despite the fact that we have very passionate players of all sports we have an unfair reputation of caring about nothing but hockey.
hockeys pretty cool, but I for one love football.
by canadian_football_fan February 19, 2006
with a stick
well this is a shit game

get used to it, its hockey
by WAFFLEKINGS January 07, 2011
It's a team MMA fight and everyone has 3 foot wooden(sometimes carbon fiber) sticks! Bring a helmet!
Dude, did you see last night's hockey game?
by The phil0soph3r May 15, 2010
violent sex or other violent sexual acts
"we played some hockey in the back seat of the car"
by hutchie_91 April 21, 2008

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