The most physical sport ever. Challenging, fun, kicks other sports' asses. Best when played on ice.
Elsi:Where were u?
Janelle:Hockey practice, u?
Elsi:I was at practice 2!
Janelle:What do u do again?
Janelle:psht! loser, ain't no sweat in volleyball!
by P. Janelle. N. February 26, 2005
the best damn sport ever
you have to be fast, make quick descions, have hand eye coordination, balance, you gotta be strong and so much more

Twirl Girl: Why on Earth do you play hockey?

Girl who plays Hockey: I don't know I refuse to look like a cheerleader on ice

Twirl Girl: Hmmph..
by hockey girl for life February 16, 2009
the assumed sport that all canadians are good at, despite the fact that we have very passionate players of all sports we have an unfair reputation of caring about nothing but hockey.
hockeys pretty cool, but I for one love football.
by canadian_football_fan February 19, 2006
violent sex or other violent sexual acts
"we played some hockey in the back seat of the car"
by hutchie_91 April 21, 2008
Hockey is the best fucking sport ever!!!! Often confused with the sucky sport of "field hockey" Super hot when played by girls.. A much better sport than baseball. Hockey is extremely exciting, unlike baseball which is like watching grass grow. Many people think that hockey is easy, and its "a bunch of morons sliding around on ice" however, if a basketball, football, lacrosse, baseball, or field hockey player tried to play, in most instances, they would epicly fail. However, if a hockey player tried playing basketball, football, lacrosse, baseball, or field hockey, they would own because to play hockey you have to be extremely athletic.
Person 1: dude, were you watching the baseball game?
Person 2: HELL NO!! The stanley cup was on last night you idiot!
Person 1: hockey sucks..
Person 2: I sugest you leave now before your missing more teeth than bobby clarke
by casiexox7 April 27, 2011
Only the best sport in the history of Earth. It is especially enjoyed by Canadians. Americans think they can play it, but they can't and never will. Canada RULES THE HOCKEY WORLD. Watch Hockey Day In Canada.
Canada winning Gold in the 2002 Olympics in both Mens and Womens hockey.
by mizzhockeystar December 26, 2005
the best sport ever, and is best played by girls. yet sadly, it is becoming a victim of the times; with the coming of gear combo packs, and meatheads who cant take a punch. the new "hockey" is even said to be put second to american football by some CANADIANS! its just sad. but we will fight on, we will rid the sport of the adulterating wusses who say they can play (sydney crosby), and we will prevail over the ever present need for sleek and new, and go back to playing on ponds and lakes.
1. dude lests go play some hockey!

2. naw man, renting ice is expensive and besides the fotball game is on

1. wtf?
by 5555555 December 11, 2010
a sport that is played for three 20 minute periods at best and is equivalent to watching paint dry.
bill:dude r u going to watch the hockey game tonight?
Doug: naa, i spent the whole afternoon watching paint dry so i had my fill of excitement for today.
by hockeyhockeyhockey February 20, 2011
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