The most physical sport ever. Challenging, fun, kicks other sports' asses. Best when played on ice.
Elsi:Where were u?
Janelle:Hockey practice, u?
Elsi:I was at practice 2!
Janelle:What do u do again?
Janelle:psht! loser, ain't no sweat in volleyball!
by P. Janelle. N. February 26, 2005
The best sport ever, hands down. McGill University in Montreal was the first place to hold an organized hockey game between two informal teams in 1875. In 1877, McGill students established the first organized hockey team. It is said that McGill students founded modern hockey, creating the puck and the first set of rules. The first hockey game in the States was played at St. Paul's School in Concord, NH on the Lower School Pond.
Hockey, unlike golf, poker, pool, darts, hot dog eating contests and whatever other shit ESPN has recently decided is a sport, is an exciting and demanding game. While baseball games would put anyone to sleep, hockey would not.
#baseball #ice hockey #sports #amazing #ice
by Walldoll August 04, 2006
The best SPORT in the world! Well known for being played on ice with a hockey stick and puck.
Until recently, it was mostly played in the colder countries and far North America (areas of the US taken over by Canadians). However, America has yielded some of the best players and teams. See Mike Modano, Bill Guerin, and Chris Chelios. Also see the Dallas Stars and Detroit Red Wings.
Hockey has also moved into the deep south (areas that don't really know what ice is) and turned many towns into hockey towns. See Dallas, Atlanta, San Jose, Phoenix, and Nashville.
me: Did you see the game last night (could only be talking about hockey)
co-worker: Yeah, the Stars kicked ass!
me: You know it. I think we could be a Stanley Cup contender this year.
co-worker: Hell yeah!
Together: GO STARS!
#ice #ice hockey #hockey #dallas stars #mike modano
by SummerGirl March 17, 2006
A sport played solely by badass people.

It takes the most skill to play hockey than any other sport simply because you have to know how to ice skate and handle a hard rubber puck with a stick while 200 pound Canadians are trying to kill you. Hockey makes football look like badminton.

There is nothing quite like creating a yard sale on the ice after smashing some plugs head into the boards followed by a nice lead pass to your winger who toeys some go hard Gerard with bad flow wearing a tinted window, then gives you the puck backdoor with a dirty ragu, bar and down. Gino. Turn the light on. Enough said.
If you play hockey, you're a real man.
#hockey #canada #gino #best sport #ice
by Sreyas Yaj April 21, 2009
the hardest game to play at a high level. way better than basketball for countless reasons. its faster, more physical, and takes way more skill. Lots of skill = hockey player.
Person A : i play basketball because hockey is a sissy sport

Person B : say that one more time and your gonna have more dental problems than a real hockey player buddy
#hockey #ice hockey #nhl #hockey player #basketball
by j-saint April 04, 2006
Hockey is the best fuckin sport around. Probably the most dangerous and expensive sport there is. There is no problem w/ Girl Hockey players either because I am one of them.
Did you just see that hockey game last night
The checking on it was amazing
#hocky #hip checking #the real sport #ice #crease
by Jenith November 03, 2005
Hockey is the fastest paced most exciting sport in North America, but is also one of the least covered. The object of the game is to hit a rubber, circular obect (the puck) into a net while wearing skates. Thge game is played on ice with 5 players and 1 goalie on the ice at a time. Hockey was invented in either Montreal, Kingston, Halifax or Windsor, depending on who you talk to. Hockey is by far the most popular sport in Canada and expansion of the NHL in the southern USA is a long running pet-peeve of Canadians, most of whom can't fugure out why anyone would rather watch baseball, football or basketball. Ranks with soccer as the hardest team sport to master at the highest level.
Frank (Canadian): Did you go see the hockey game yeserday?
Jim: Nah, I stayed home and watched baseball.
Frank: (Breaks into laughter)
#hockey #hckey #ice hockey #baseball #sports #ice rink #nhl
by Christian_Hall December 03, 2006
A sport that requires people to hit a small disc or Puck around with sticks while the players are on ice. The game was invented by Canadians and they tend to call it the best sport ever and anything american is terrible. But I'm American and actually like Hockey just as much as I like Baseball, so I'm a true fan because I like sports and not bitch about which sport is better or not. Sadly ESPN or any other sports channel doesn't want to show the damn game because they don't like it as much as Handegg, which is really a stupid sport.
Hockey is pretty fun to watch.
#hockey #is #pretty #fun #to #watch
by Mr. Zimpy June 15, 2010
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