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A guy who will beat the shit out of the other hockey dad!
Hockey Dad vs Hockey Dad
Winner:Hockey Dad
by joe c July 28, 2004
The Opposite of a Soccer Mom
Soccer mom < Hockey Dad
by Kinist July 21, 2005
One bad mother fucker, literally. Not one to be taken lightly, and by no means don't fuck with one. To fuck with a hockey dad would more then often mean bein on the wrong end of an ass whoopin.
That hockey dad just put a beat down on that beseball dad, because he said baseball was better than hockey. Poor fool opened a can of whoop ass on himself, with such dumb comment.
by TV CAR March 05, 2010
A severe ass kicking.
When I find who keyed my car I'm going to give him a Hockey Dad.
by nrog November 24, 2007

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