For the rest of the state of Delaware, a place we all know people from and kinda know where it is, but none of us has any idea how to spell it. And we're pretty glad. The place starts with HO.
"Spell Hockessin? HO...KESS-IN, you know what, I don't really know."
by Dang March 13, 2005
the place i just moved to from newcastle where nobody comes outside unless they are 4. the only beerpong i know about is in my basement and damn i wish you people would invite me to play in yours
newcastle is way better than hockessin

stenning woods people need to come outside
by neil bell May 20, 2005
goddamn hockessin is getting bad... wtf you cant even walk to wawa at 2 in the morning w/o a close encounter with a butt raping.. i wish it was the way it used to be when u could walk newhere w/o getting stolen or something like that cuz i wanna go to fuckin wawa in peace for once cuz that hasnt happend in a long time.. and the cops stop u everywhere u go and that ruins my time scheduel
Miss. F we almost got buttraped on our way to get our daily sandwiches at wawa!
by sweet March 08, 2005
A small town in the middle of nowhere, where the population is mostly chinese or mexican people. and kids think its fun to sneak out of their grandparents house so they can go to wawa for a roastbeef sandwhich then back to the basement for beer pong and bangin your neighbor
" Mp3 lets get the sandwhiches then come back and join in a circle jerk"
by penis mightier February 21, 2005
The small bastard-child of a town in northern Delaware that wishes it were as cool as North Wilmington, place of true gangsters.
We could hang out in Hockessin, or we could stab ourselves in the eyes with a pen- I can't figure out which would be more fun.
by The F-ing Trinz February 03, 2005

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