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once meant "knuckle of meat", but now means "forget about it", "don't even try", "give up", "don't start"


"chuck it", "throw it in the trash", "throw/toss it away"

(possible use as "sucks to be you", sympathetically)
You think you'll get a perfect 4.0 with a D on two of your tests this term? Hock it!


You can't walk around with a note from your ex in your textbook! Hock it, you broke up a month ago!

(possible: You got fired again! Hock it, life sucks!)
by CAT_2012 April 19, 2009
1. To sell or pawn something
2. To throw something
1. I blew all my money in vegas... now i gotta hock my watch to get the bus fare home

2. Quit hockin snowballs at me ya fool!
by FinalPhoenix February 14, 2004
1) To sell, but not in a store.

2) To force mucus into the mouth.
1) He hocked his stereo system to provide for the surgery payment.

2) He hocked a loogie, and spat it toward my face (I ducked.).
by Diggity Monkeez March 17, 2005
To cough up, generally only used in conjunction with the word loogie.
He hocked up a loogie and spit it at my mom!
by Craig 119281 November 03, 2005
A word used to describe a feeling that occurs when your home boys bail on you at a party, not to be confused with the word fuck.
Hock me i no longer have a ride home!
by E-Wanny October 30, 2011
To steal, take, thievery (ie: to hock something)
Someone hocked my fancy necklace!
by digitigrade August 24, 2010
(can be used as a verb or noun) noun- gossip, or goings-on. Verb- the act of gossipping or B.S.ing to friends.
Noun- Yo Seth what's all the hock about?

Verb- Is he serious? No, he just likes to hock.
by ChutzpahDick April 02, 2008