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A word describing the New Jersey City of Hoboken reflecting the Bro culture that has ruined it of any good nightlife for the non-bro.
Guy 1: Went to Hobroken last night for a party. It was awful.
Guy 2: How so?
Guy 1: I step off the PATH and onto the street and the first thing I see is multiple bros just throwing air punches. And they were all wearing MMA shirts!
Guy 2: Sounds awful.
Guy 1: Then one bro tried to fight me for no apparent reason but ended up missing horribly and hitting some girl in the face. I got right back on the PATH and left. I didn't even go to the party.
Guy 2: Typical Hobroken.
by TheKimmer April 28, 2014

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A hobo that is broken.
Yarg! I am so homeless and broken! I am hobroken!
by Tribular September 12, 2011