The act of being sexy, or attractive in an almost hobo-like way.
Damn, that old overcoat is so hobolicious!
by Alex Way May 22, 2008
Top Definition
Tasty, like a hobo.
My hiking boots are hobolicious
by RoboHobo December 04, 2004
Looking homeless and yummy at the same time.
Robert Pattinson was seen in London buying extra large underwear and looking hobolicious.
by SkylarLSpencer January 04, 2011
1. Of or pertaining to the act of being extremely hobo
2. Being absolutely fabulous
3. Like a hobo
Betty: "Oh my god, girl! That new bag is SO hobolicious!"

Ann: "Thank you. You are quite hobolicious in dem jeanz."
by Timmylicious April 16, 2007
An adjective that refers to the decrepit, dirty, or poorly put together physical appearance of on object or person. Often used in conjunction with "kind of"

Sorry, my car is kind of hobolicious. (when said referring to a dirty, old, falling apart car.)

Does anyone have hair brush? My hair is kind of hobolicious right now. (when the aforementioned hair is tangled and or dirty.)
by hobogirl923 March 18, 2007
awesome and sexy in a homeless way.
That girl is so hobolicious.
by HOBO!!!!!!!!!! March 25, 2009
Of or pertaining to something with a hobo-like essence.
"Dude, those fingerless gloves are totally hobolicious!"
by Ricola82 October 09, 2008
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