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a place in new jersey

what i call people
"i hate you. you friggin hoboken..."
by anywho?... February 04, 2009
37 73
A town in Jersey that is less than ten minutes from New York City. The birthplace of Frank Sinatra, Hoboken features beautiful housing at a fraction of the cost as it's much larger neighbor. The majority of Hoboken's residents are young professionals, sometimes referred as "yuppies."

Despite what the definition above says, very few, if any Hoboken residents speak with a "Jersey Accent" since the majority of it's residents are not originally from New Jersey.
What's that you said mister, you want to live in a beautiful community with a view of the New York City skyline? I recommend Hoboken!
by Tim February 02, 2005
261 77
a sexy yuppie town located on the west bank of the Hudson River Overlooking Manhattan. One of the Best places in Hudson County to view the NYC skyline. Place where a 1 bedroom condo could go for about 1 million dollars, and where money flows through the town like water. One of the nicest towns in the urban part of NJ.Hoboken gives laguna beach a run for it's money!!!
Person One: I live in NYC, Where do yuo live?
Person Two: Hoboken
Person One: Wow, Your sooo much more lucky than me!
by Hob0ken Lover August 10, 2005
146 74
Any woman who is a Slut, Whore, Bitch, Crackhead or just plain out fucked up in the head.
"Wow, that girl is a Hoboken"

"Did you see that Hoboken? She wanted to fuck both of us."

"That bitch is a Hoboken! She asked if I had any Crack."
by Muzikal December 24, 2008
30 96
A City/Town in NJ where people still speak in the "Jersey Accent". Full of Italians and birthplace of the Amazingly talented Frank Sinatra.
You can get a crazy good cannolifrom Hoboken if you know where to look
by greencandle January 11, 2005
41 136
This asshat can be found in a Calculus classroom. He laughs at everything the teacher does and picks up chalk off the ground for them. He also tends to show up with a packed lunch at 9 am, then proceeds to eat his pudding. Usually wearing a trenchcoat, goofy hair, and glasses, he'll annoy the hell out of you with his clicking pen, unless of course, replaced by his three sharpened pencils.
On occasion of a test, he'll do the arm thrust towards the body accompanied by the "yes!", paralleling a d-bag.
Sometimes he'll be seen driving his rusty p.o.s., smeared thouoghly with roadkill.
Studious Student #1: Hey, what time is it?
Studious Student #2: Oh, it is promptly a quarter after nine.
Studious Student #1: Thanks a bunch.
Studious Student #2: By the way, did you see that asshat Hoboken?
Studious Student #1: As a matter of fact I did, later I have an appointment with his car involving unmentionable things. Hopefully his window is open!
by Hanky Panky March 17, 2006
15 115