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HO-BO-EE-RAW-TICK is an adjective used to describe a state of total rockbottomness in which a man is still able to attract a woman. to be hoboerotic one doesnt necesarily have to be intoxicated, but it certainly helps. Other tell tale signs of hoboeroticism include the ability to sucessfully lure women without clean clothes, a bed, or any recent hygenic efforts . Hooking up in crappy washrooms/ alleys behind bars is also very hoboerotic. Hoboeroticism has nothing to do with actual hobos, drifters, vagrants or hippies; true hoboeroticism is attained by otherwise awesome people who have perhaps been drunk for 3-4 days straight.
Mindy was overwhelmed by Steve's hoboerotic charm.

"no limits, no dignity, no standards tour '07" was extremely hoboerotic.
by G.TAYLOR March 24, 2007
Love between a man and a hobo, male or female, or hobo-on-hobo sex. Also, men getting together and hanging out can be considered hoboerotic if a penis is shown or if raw skin touches willingly.
1)I went downtown last night. Let's just say it was "hoboerotic!"

2)I saw two hobos goin at it. Man, that sure was hoboerotic.

3)I stayed the night at Austin's last night. Things may have gotten a little too hoboerotic for my tastes.
by tehMunky February 27, 2005
The same as hoboerotic
Man, I can believe you spooned with that Hobo. That was so hoboerotic!
by tehMunky February 27, 2005
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