a man whose only source of income is reaching under the couch...picks out his belly button lint and eats it...begs for money for food but spends it on crack
houston Meritt is a dirty hobo
by POOPSLINGER August 16, 2003
a hobo iz anythin n everything
you're a hobo * bla*
diz drink tastes hobo * bla*
aww ur soo hobo *yay*
by KaSia January 02, 2005
A slang for a homeless person. It kind of reminds me of the slang "homeboy" or similar to "homo".
"Hey, go give that hobo some money, he could use it"
n. Habitually poorly attired soul who has chosen to sink below society's infrastructure into a murky world where freedom is all.

So, you coming to the Debutante Ball?

No, I see myself as more of a hobo than a debutante.
by gelpy1 January 01, 2015
A homeless person. This word is usually used by people who do not have sympathy for homeless people. Someone who runs a homeless shelter would never use the word hobo.
You're seriously wearing plaid? It makes you look like a hobo, Jesscia.
by Emmaedamae October 28, 2014

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