smelly people who spent all their money on boos and if you give them your hard earned money they will buy some vodka so give it to them.
yet occasionally they get like some crack and sniff it hardcore till there flat on their back.
KID: mommy what is a hobo
MOMMY: your daddy honey
by scott reiter April 21, 2004
Hanging Out Blacking Out. To very casually hang out with a group of friends and black out from drinking or smoking, or both.
Brian: Lets go H.O.B.O. in Lincoln Park tonight..

by Scubaukie May 31, 2007
Hang Over Body Odor - a ripe stench that permeates from within created from a night of heavy drinking and reeks like a combination of alcohol, sweat and body funk.
Dude, you need to finally get home from last night and scrub that HOBO off your parts.
by Squeel May 21, 2008
1)a really funny word
2)a bum
3)a word that sounds like homo
1) He's a hobo...hahahahahahaha
2) Look at that hobo. He stinks... badly.
3) Whata hobo! What?... homo? No, hobo, ya boob
by Omar15 April 28, 2006
A poorass motherfuckin' ass sucker.
Hey Hobo! How's that taste.
by chinese bear January 20, 2007
How are you in Hokkien.
Used widely in Singapore and Malaysia.
Long time no see! Ho bo?
by nekkets March 20, 2004
a man whose only source of income is reaching under the couch...picks out his belly button lint and eats it...begs for money for food but spends it on crack
houston Meritt is a dirty hobo
by POOPSLINGER August 16, 2003

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