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A very shabby chic ladies hand bag!
"I got this hobo bag for 1/2 price!"
by tiffer~paige December 03, 2005
a band. HOBO stands for high on body odor.
makes kick ass songs such as, "the color green" and "i live in a box"
started by diana
i went to a HOBO concert last night and almost cried, i was so happy. \m/
by ticonmyderoga January 07, 2005
a bum; poor person. usually lives in a box. commonly found in New York or Boston
u frickin hobo get out of my cardboard box!
by Nick The Hobo March 07, 2004
Abreviation of Homeward Bound, soldiers returning from the American civil war were called Ho Bo's
There goes a Hobo, bound home from the war.
by OK October 08, 2003
a person who lives on the streets begging for food or drug money, sometimes pretends to be blind, sometimes plays an instrument i.e a guitar, and sometimes lives in a box. usually has a lot of hair and/or a beard
the hobo down the street is funny cuz he is
by hobo powers August 12, 2003
A person who lives in a box asking people to give him cash so he can go spend it on cigars and a bigger box.They have huge beards, old cloths and have two or three real teeth and a gold one that they stole from someone.
I was in the city when a hobo asked me for $20.00.
by avery johnson December 16, 2007
Hanging Out Blacking Out. To very casually hang out with a group of friends and black out from drinking or smoking, or both.
Brian: Lets go H.O.B.O. in Lincoln Park tonight..

by Scubaukie May 31, 2007