A bum that can hop a train
He's a hobo
by anonymous November 11, 2003
Ragged individual that travels illegaly on freight trains. Most commonly found hiding in railyards. known to be alcoholics.
Man crackron (Akron) is full of hobo's
by mike kodish October 20, 2003
slang for a homeless person; often derogatory.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
a person who lives on the streets, looking for things to get in trouble with, such as swearing or stealing cherished items.
"I saw a hobo by our school XD"
by :D CIN! May 19, 2009
Hobo, meaning homeward bound, first was used for soldiers coming back from the american civil war. But now we just use it to describe homeless people otherwise knowen as bums tramps or sometimes just errrrr look at him.
hello friendly hobo, have some pennies.
by Olllllie October 04, 2007
A very shabby chic ladies hand bag!
"I got this hobo bag for 1/2 price!"
by tiffer~paige December 03, 2005
a bum; poor person. usually lives in a box. commonly found in New York or Boston
u frickin hobo get out of my cardboard box!
by Nick The Hobo March 07, 2004

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