Helping Our Brothers Out

A lifestyle in which, preferably all of your friends are included , meet a new group of girls and introduce them too the rest of the group.
A) Lets introduce our friends to these girls we met last night.

B) Lets bring our friends to meet those hot girls from last night, yea we sure can we are pushing H.O.B.O. into effect.
by pimpinsince84 May 30, 2009
a friendly person usually foun on the street. there can be many differnt hobos.
hobo on da street, town hobo, city hobo, dumpster hobo
by booshloub November 14, 2010
An extremely awesome man (or woman) who lives on the streets of a nearby town or city. They like having children sit on their laps and occasionally enjoy a moonlit stroll in the park with a fellow friend.
That guy is awesomely living on the street; he must be a hobo!!
by Brikiquita April 25, 2010
an old school term used to romanticize folks who have been chewed up and vomitted out by a dysfunctional economic, and political system and are then ignored, lionized, criminalized, or are further abused.
people who blithely accuses hoboes aka
homeless of being drug (including boos)
addicts are either ignorant, blind, or
by matt October 22, 2004
The Nasty poor person that will walk up to you and ask for money or food and you'll come up with an excuse or ignore there presence
Hey did you see that hobo over there he smelt like Taylor swift piss
by YEESUS (LIAM) January 16, 2015
character from my horror movie, lives in train, some are nice (singing hoboes) and some are evil (stabbin hoboes) singin hoboes help you capture stabbin hoboes, and stabbin hoboes you can't see or hear, only smeel, but then it's too late and the knife is up you ass.
is that hobo singing or stabbin? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by Stoner June 06, 2003
1.) A poor person that lives on the streets.
2.)A fun word to say
1.)Man that ho-bo ate my dog.
2.)Hobo hobo go hobo go
by ?? February 04, 2003
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