a gross and a illegal person which is a hobnocker
Billy is a hobnocker
by Random85 May 26, 2014
A person (usually male) who has forceful sexual intercourse (also known as rape) or molests a small animal.The word was created in ICarly and is actually a very old slang term used in the southern areas (many generations ago)
"He called me a hobnocker!" Exclaimed Miranda

"A what?" David asked
"A person who rapes small animals."
David then gasped with his mouth wide open.
by mElonie June 15, 2015
Someone who masturbates in a public bathroom. Its illegal.
Your mom is a hobnocker.
by iksneduf epoh August 28, 2009
someone who is a total jerk
your such a hobnocker!
by freestylingdrums June 23, 2010
someone who poos on peoples lawns
carly shea, sam puckett, freddie benson, spencer shea, Hobnocker
by bdt26 April 10, 2011
an animal that has sex with a human
that monkey over there is a hobnocker
by rowdyroxy December 06, 2009
A gross embarrassment to something.
"You're a hobnocker to all of America!"
by TranslationWizard August 11, 2009

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