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Either a French bum or the male suitor of (a) promiscuous female(s).
Omigod, her? Where will that ho'beau dunk his donut next?
by Old Chicory January 21, 2010
A non-hygienic boyfriend.
he is such a hobeau, with his long hair and beard. he hasn't showered since they invented water but i luv him anyways.
by Kayla601 February 07, 2006
A boyfriend who sleeps around.
Sara says her boyfriend is faithful, but I think he's a ho-beau.
by Zak Walshon February 26, 2006
A beau (boyfriend/male love intrest) who sleeps around refered to as a ho
"shes been seen at the movies with her hobeau"
by DazzDeLaMorte March 14, 2007