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A non-hygienic boyfriend.
he is such a hobeau, with his long hair and beard. he hasn't showered since they invented water but i luv him anyways.
by Kayla601 February 07, 2006
Either a French bum or the male suitor of (a) promiscuous female(s).
Omigod, her? Where will that ho'beau dunk his donut next?
by Old Chicory January 21, 2010
A scumbag donkey with psychopathy
Can't figure out if he is a man, monster, brute or big fat cry baby
Ain't nobody got time for the hobeau.

The hobeau is an alphabet of disaster
hobeau pick your species please and fucking stuck to it
by love_maiden August 01, 2014
A boyfriend who sleeps around.
Sara says her boyfriend is faithful, but I think he's a ho-beau.
by Zak Walshon February 26, 2006
A beau (boyfriend/male love intrest) who sleeps around refered to as a ho
"shes been seen at the movies with her hobeau"
by DazzDeLaMorte March 14, 2007
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