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a place were sexual intercourse is taken place, oral is welcome
come to the hobby lobby today
by Debbie, Brian, Heath, and Tiff February 19, 2004
9 26
A retail chain of arts and crafts stores based in Oklahoma City, AND IS AN ABSOLUTE BLASPHEMY. It's every Christian's wet dream came true that they're too scared to admit. They have 460 stores in 39 states, and they're so religious, it isn't even funny. They are Michael's top competition. Full of Christians who try and sell you religious products, even though it's an arts and crafts stores. This place is absolute hell to work at too, no pun intended. You get crazy bible thumpers screaming at you all the time. The only good thing about working there is the $8.50 an hour starting wage if you're part-time, and not having to work on Sundays.
"I'm out of glue, let's go to Hobby Lobby and buy some more!"
"I dunno about that, they're really religious. They might try and convert us in there or something."
by blondie014 September 26, 2011
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